This purchase is for a full working version of the title selected … functional for a period of -6- months. See DETAILS in the full product description on this page.

This purchase is for a 6 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION to the user selected version of Kipware® CNC XChange – Fanuc / Okuma /HAAS conversion versions.

The SUBSCRIPTION purchase comes with the following specifications :

  • FULL working version of the title selected with full features for a period of -6- months based on the purchase date.
  • These versions are identical to the full versions with only the time limit as the difference.
  • There are no restrictions in the software … full program conversions including the ability to SAVE all converted files is included.
  • NO OPTIONS are available … only the standard 2 axis turning or 3 axis mill versions are available. Live Tool / Y Axis and other options are only available in the full versions.
  • ONLY 1 SEAT is included.
  • This SUBSCRIPTION option is ideal for users who will only be converting existing G code one time and do not need the ability to continually convert between formats … and believe they can convert all their G code within the -6- month time frame or perhaps with one extension.

After the -6- month period … users have the following options :

  1. Extend the functional period for another -6- months for an additonal $395.
  2. Purchase a full, lifetime license for the title … all costs incurred for the initial SUBSCRIPTION will be applied toward the full, lifetime license purchase.

Our SUBSCRIPTION option is perfect for users who do not need the ability to continually convert G code programs between formats.

For example … you purchased a new machine, sold off the original machine, and need to convert a stack of G code programs for the old machine to the new machine. If you feel you can accomplish that task within the -6- month window … or perhaps with one extension … this SUBSCRIPTION is the perfect option.

However, if you are maintaining or will retain both machines … or need the ability to continually convert G code between formats …  you should consider the full, lifetime license purchase instead.

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