editNC – G Code Plotting and Editing Software


The more tools in your G code programming arsenal … the more capable and efficient you can be. For users looking for a robust and powerful toolpath plotter and G code editor … EditNC has got you covered. here is a list of just some of the features EditNC can bring to your G code programming.

  1. Edit and backplot G code programs including Fanuc and Okuma formatted G code.
  2. Backplot Fanuc and Okuma CANNED CYCLES
  3. Powerful Compare methods – text and graphical methods – optionally ignore formatting, sequence numbers, and comments.
  4. Enhanced serial download and upload applications
  5. File conversion – change arc types, convert between G-code, conversational, CL, and DXF
  6. Coordinate translation, rotation, scaling, and mirroring
  7. Easily split a file into multiple programs, sub-programs etc.
  8. Merge Programs – locates sub programs and merges files
  9. Supports Fanuc sub-programs, variables, and macros
  10. Sequence number maintenance
  11. Calculators designed for CNC programmers
  12. Parts families creation using Fanuc-like macro language
  13. Fast, usable, backplotting – query individual moves and set break points
  14. File analysis – Min/max values, cycle times, and more
  15. Powerful search capabilies designed for CNC programs
  16. Loads related files containing notes, listings, etc.
  17. Syntax-based coloring and fonts
  18. View-only options
  19. Automatically identifies and adapts to CNC program type

Your EditNC purchase includes (1) seat for use on a single computer.

For complete product information CLICK HERE.

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