Kipware SUITE – Additional Seat(s)


NOTE : In order to qualify to purchase any additional seat, you must have purchased a full version of the same title and must be able to use your original installation file either from a CD or from a previously downloaded & saved installation file.

No physical media is shipped with any Additional Seat. With your purchase of an Additional Seat, we will provide the unlock Activation Code to make the Additional Seat active on another PC.

NEW USERS : Your purchase of all full version titles allows you to install the title on (2) PC’s … we provide (2) seats with each full version purchase. Your purchase of an Additional Seat allows you to install the software on another PC for each Additional Seat purchase.

EXISTING USERS : After finalizing your purchase … use your original installation file to install the software. The follow the registration instructions below.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at or call the Sales Team at 508.754.1198.

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