KipwareT® – Live Tool & Y Axis Upgrade




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Add the LIVE TOOL and Y AXIS conversational menus to your existing KipwareT® application.

Live Tool conversational options include conversational menus for drilling, milling and slotting both on the OD and the workpiece face.

Y Axis conversational options include square / rectangular pocketing, square / rectangular boss, round pocket, round boss, slotting, “O” ring groove, hex milling, ID thread milling and drilling conversational menus both for OD and face machining.

  • You must be an existing KipwareT® user to apply this UPGRADE.
  • Original purchase must have been made less than (3) months ago.
  • If your original purchase was greater than (3) months … you must UPGRADE your KipwareT® and select the Live Tool & Y Axis option.
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