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Get It All - And SAVE $$$ Kipware® Suite is the complete Kipware® Business Software Bundle and includes (2) full seats of KipwareCYC® (cycletime estimating), KipwareQTE® (cost estimating and quoting) and KipwareTRK® (tracking and analyzing) delivered via downloadable installation file.

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Kipware® SUITE Options :

KipwareCRM® - include KipwareCRM® to easily compare estimated costs vs. actual costs and clearly see profit and loss in all areas of your estimating. Combine with KipwareMRP® to allow for real time resource tracking from the shop floor. Keep your quoting and estimating process on the WINNING PROFITABLE WORK track.

KipwareMRP® - include KipwareMRP® for real time resource planning and track what is actually utilized during production. Track number of inserts, end mills, cycletimes etc. to enable report importing into KipwareCRM® to more easily compare costs between estimated costs and actual costs. KipwareMRP® includes an unlimited number of seats so every PC on the floor can become a resource tracking tool.

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Kipware® VIEWER : The Kipware® VIEWER is a standalone optional companion application that allows users to view and work with cycletime and cost estimates created in KipwareCYC® and KipwareQTE®. The application comes with unlimited seats and may be distributed to users who do not run a Kipware® seat but need to view cycletime estimates created in KipwareCYC® to print routing sheets or cycletime reports. In addition, this application can be used to view quotes and estimates estimates that were created in KipwareQTE® and to print bill of materials, packing slips or invoices.

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Kipware® software from Kentech Inc. has been proven "in the trenches" since 1986 ... and will be an IMPACT PURCHASE for your business.

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