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Don't SETTLE for under developed, limiting "WIZARDS" or being just a "CNC'er". Kipware® is the PREMIER PC based conversational CNC programming software made for professional machinists and CNC programmers. With conversational ... DXF import ... 5 axis (3+2) standard ... Kipware® conversational BEATS any CAD/CAM for G code generation for speed and ease-of-use.

STOP the CAD/CAM Overkill !! Kipware® conversational allows beginner to expert programmers to quickly and easily create G code programs for the everyday type components machined in 95% of machine shop around the world every day. AND with powerful features like the Kipware® SketchPad for non-standard shapes and the KipwareCSF® Speed and Feed Wizard ... Kipware® conversational is your ticket to improved shop floor and programming efficiency.

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ALL Kipware® conversational FULL titles include (2) seats standard ... and ALL the applications listed below :

  • Kipware® Conversational Module for standard shape programming
  • Kipware® SketchPad - Conversational CAD/CAM for non-standard shape programmng
  • KipwareTP® - G Code Editor and Toolpath plotting software for G code verification
  • KipwareCSF® - Speed and Feed Wizard for Kipware® conversational
  • KipwareTB® - Machine Shop Toolbox Software
  • KipwarePA® - CNC Programming Assistant Software


  • KipwareXC® - for machines with CNC controls that are not "fanuc compatible" or do not have Okuma OSP controls ... we recommend KipwareXC®. Unlike limited and complicated "post processors" ... Kipware® conversational uses our KipwareXC® G code conversion application to convert the standard Kipware® "fanuc compatible" and Okuma output to formats compatible with other machines and controls. If you have a question about Kipware® output and compatibility with your CNC machine and control ... please email us at and we can confirm.

  • EditNC - for users looking for a more robust G code editor and toolpath plotting features ... we offer EditNC as an add-on for Kipware® conversational. EditNC goes above the included KipwareTP® and KipwareDNC® applications to include canned cycle toolpath plotting for turning G code as well as enhanced DNC / RS232 communications, including drip-feed capabilities. Purchase is for a single seat only.

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Kipware® software from Kentech Inc. has been proven "in the trenches" since 1986 ... and will be an IMPACT PURCHASE for your business.

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