Kipware® CNC XChange – MILLING Version – Acramatic to Fanuc / Okuma / Haas G code Conversion Software



This version of CNC XChange will auto convert milling G code between the Acramatic format and the Fanuc, Okuma OSP and Haas formats.

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If your shop suffers from the CONTROL INCOMPATIBILITY issue … and you are looking to convert G code programs formatted for ACRAMATIC controls to FANUC or OKUMA OSP format … Kipware® CNC XChange is for you. The unique Kipware® CNC XChange design includes a mix of “industry standard” code conversions defined through the software source code and powerful, proven-in-the-trenches User Options that allow the user to fully customize code conversions that fall outside the “industry standard” definition such as M functions and similar.

Save hundreds of hours and $$$ and eliminate re-posting, re-programming, re-prove-out by converting your existing proven G code form one format to another with Kipware®.

This Kipware® CNC XChange software version converts milling G code formatted for the Acramatic CNC control to G code formatted for Fanuc – Haas or Okuma CNC controls … and is delivered via downloadable installation file and comes with (2) full seats standard.

A Kipware® CNC XChange purchase includes :

  • Kipware® CNC XChange – Acramatic to Fanuc / Haas / Okuma – MILLING VERSION – G Code Conversion Software
  • Refer to OPTIONS available on this page
  • -2- seats of all applications
  • Lifetime License with no maintenance fees.
  • Unlimited, forever free access to the Kipware® Online User Manual
  • Unlimited, forever free access to the Kipware® Video Training Website

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