Kipware® STUDIO – Complete Conversational CAM for MILLING and TURNING



Industry Leading Conversational CNC Programming BUNDLE for MILLING and TURNING from Kentech Inc.
Bundle & Save $715 over individual title purchases !!

  • One Time Price
  • Lifetime License
  • NO Monthly or Maintenance Fees EVER
  • 2 Seats Standard
  • NO Internet Required EVER

Get It All And SAVE $$$ Kipware® Studio is the complete, conversational CNC programming software bundle that allows beginner to expert programmers to quickly and easily create G code programs for the everyday type components machined in 95% of machine shop around the world every day. STUDIO includes BOTH Kipware® conversational for MILLING and TURNING and includes all the companion applications to complete your full featured, conversational CNC programming system.

A Kipware® STUDIO purchase includes :

  • BUNDLE & SAVE $$$$ over individual title purchase !!
  • KipwareM® – Conversational CNC Programming for MILLING
  • KipwareT® – Conversational CNC Programming for TURNING
  • Kipware® SketchPad for non-standard shape programming
  • KipwareTP® – Toolpath Plotting and Editing Software
  • KipwareTB® – Toolbox Software
  • KipwareCSF® – Speed and Feed Wizard for Kipware® conversational
  • KipwarePA® – Programming Assistant Software
  • KipwareXC® – G Code Conversion Software
  • One Time Price with a Lifetime License
  • -2- seats of all applications
  • No Monthly or Maintenance Fees EVER
  • No Internet Required EVER
  • Unlimited, forever free access to the Kipware® Online User Manual
  • Unlimited, forever free access to the Kipware® Video Training Website

For complete product information CLICK HERE.

Still Using Complex, Expensive CAD/CAM to Program Everday Parts?

It’s Time to STOP the CAD/CAM OVERKILL !!

From LARGE shops to SMALL shops to DIY’ers and ONE-MAN-SHOPS … Kipware® conversational has opened up the world of G code creation to good chipmakers around the world … NO CAD or DRAWING experience required !!

CAD/CAM was never designed to be a primary G code generating tool … it is a design tool first and foremost and everything starts with a drawing. If you’re not designing … it’s time to DUMP the CAD and KEEP the CAM with Kipware® conversational.

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