Kipware+ – Quoting, Estimating & CNC Programming MINI-BUNDLE



BUNDLE and SAVE $250 off the normal list price for individual titles !!!

Kipware+ gives you the option to BUNDLE quoting and estimating and conversational CAM together and SAVE MONEY !! Purchase any ONE ESTIMATING package and get ONE  CONVERSATIONAL CAM package at 50% OFF !! All titles are FULL packages and include all associated companion applications.

SAVE $510 off the normal list for individual titles !!
Kipware® software is one of the fastest growing brands in machine shop around the world … and Kipware+ gives users the option to bundle quoting, cycletime estimating and conversational CAM into one purchase and save money in the process.
What’s Included in Kipware+ ?
Choose ONE Estimating Package :
Choose ONE Conversational CAM Package at 50% OFF :

And still get all the Kipware® Perks :

  • -2- Seats of EVERY Title
  • Lifetime Licenses for EVERY Title
  • No Maintenance Fees EVER
  • Unlimited, forever free access to the Kipware® Online User Manual
  • Unlimited, forever free access to the Kipware® Video Training Website
  • NOTE : Kipware+ comes with 2 installation files … (1) for the Kipware® quoting and estimating titles and (1) for the Kipware® CNC programming titles. This allows users to install the estimating titles on one PC and the programming titles on another, if so desired. All titles can also be installed together on the same PC.
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