KipwareQTE® – Machine Shop / Manufacturing Cost Estimating Software



Industry Leading Machine Shop / Manufacturing COST ESTIMATING & QUOTING software from Kentech Inc.

  • One Time Price
  • Lifetime License
  • NO Monthly or Maintenance Fees EVER
  • 2 Seats Standard
  • NO Internet Required EVER

KipwareQTE® is a complete job costing and estimating application for machine shops and all types of manufacturers. KipwareQTE® enables the cost estimation for material costs, perishable tooling costs, labor costs and all non-machining costs and will ensure that you are not only winning work … but winning PROFITABLE work.

A KipwareQTE® purchase includes :

  • KipwareQTE® – Machine Shop Job Costing and Estimating Software
  • ASSEMBLY Module – Assembly Estimating module for KipwareQTE®
  • -2- seats of all applications
  • One Time Price with a Lifetime License 
  • No monthly or maintenance fees EVER.
  • No Internet Required EVER
  • Unlimited, forever free access to the Kipware® Online User Manual
  • Unlimited, forever free access to the Kipware® Video Training Website

Why KipwareQTE ?

About 75% of shops polled admit that they really don’t know if work they win is actually making a profit. Wasting your time and shop energy winning work that is not profitable takes your time and energy away from work that is … it’s a downward spiral.

The proven design of KipwareQTE® machine shop quoting and estimating software and a user interface that works simply insures that users will not just win work … but win profitable work.

Job quoting software or manufacturing cost estimating / quoting software like KipwareQTE® is a must-have tool for any manufacturer quoting and estimating potential work for their facility.  Don’t let spreadsheets and overblown MRP / ERP software kill your profitability.

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    • NO Monthly or Maintenance Fees EVER
    • 2 Seats Standard
    • NO Internet Required EVER
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