KipwareTB® – Machine Shop Toolbox Software



KipwareTB® can turn your shop floor PC into one of the most important tools on your shop floor.

Hunting for formulas and performing tedious calculations is a big time waster on the shop floor. Loading KipwareTB® onto your shop floor computer will turn that wasted time into increased productivity and efficiency. KipwareTB® gives your shop floor personnel access to those everyday formulas and performs those tedious calculations in seconds. From RPM to SFM conversions to drill point depth calculations to finding that tap drill size … KipwareTB® has it all. AND … as with ALL Kipware® titles … KipwareTB® has tons of unique features and power like the LINE-TO-LINE and LINE-ARC-LINE calculations allowing users to calculate intersecting and tangency points without the need to know how to operate or to fire up a CAD program.

KipwareTB® is included standard with ALL Kipware® conversational titles … this KipwareTB® selection is for the stand-alone version.

A KipwareTB® purchase includes :

  • KipwareTB® – Machine Shop Toolbox Software
  • -2- Seats Standard
  • Lifetime License with no maintenance fees.
  • Unlimited, forever free access to the Kipware® Online User Manual
  • Unlimited, forever free access to the Kipware® Video Training Website

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