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All Kipware® purchases come with unlimited access to our online MANUAL and online VIDEO TRAINING websites for life … and with limited live, online training sessions if required for (6) months from the date of purchase.

Out-of-warranty Training Sessions are offered in (1) hour increments … pricing displayed is for a single (1) hour session … please select the numbers of hours desired when making your purchase.

OnLine Training Sessions offer customers who have exceeded the warranty period the opportunity to receive additional training for their Kipware® software. Training sessions are offered in (2) formats :

(1) Using our Splashtop account a Kentech representative can log onto your PC where the Kipware software is installed and provide an online training session for you to fully view on your computer and using your Kipware® software. This option is more suited in the event that any changes to SETTINGS or other set-up requirements that may be needed are made directly to your system so that moving forward those changes will be in effect.

(2) Using an online GoToMeeting users can log in from their office and view a training session conducted by a Kentech representative from the Kentech offices. If desired, users can submit sample prints, drawings or other support materials that can be used during the presentation. GoToMeeting sessions can accommodate up to (25) people … all from different locations if required. This option is better suited for general training where using the clients software is not required.

Any questions … please contact or call the office at 508.754.1198 should you wish to discuss your requirements prior to making a purchase.

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